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The Arc de Triomphe in Montpellier


The Arc de Triomphe, a monument of glory in Montpellier

Located at the entrance of the Promenade du Peyrou, the former Place Royale, the Arc de Triomphe of Montpellier is a tribute to King Louis XIV and his will to preserve the territory during the war. It was at the request of the king himself that the architect François d'Orbay designed this monument, built in 1662. On the sides, the Latin inscription engraved means "Louis the Great, whose reign lasted seventy-two years, brought peace on land and sea after separating, containing and attaching himself to allied peoples in a forty-year war".


The folly of grandeur

The Arc de Triomphe of Montpellier is fifteen metres high, eighteen metres wide and has a seven metre high opening. Classified as a historical monument since 1954 and renovated in 2003, this monumental work of art in ochre and yellow hues is full of small details. The most attentive will notice the four medallions sculpted in honour of the highlights of the reign of Louis XIV or the royal coat of arms in the blue colour of France.


A 360° view

With guides from the Montpellier Tourist Office, walk through the narrow streets of the Écusson towards the Arc de Triomphe. Once there, climb the 90 steps of the spiral staircase. At the top, enjoy an exceptional panorama of the area. On one side, a view of the Palais de Justice, the Avenue Foch and its beautiful Haussmann buildings, the bell tower of Saint-Anne church and the sea on the horizon. On the other, a view of the Promenade du Peyrou and its royal statue, the Château d'Eau and its basin, the Aqueduc des Arceaux with, in the distance, the hinterland between the vineyards and the Pic Saint Loup. For an unusual discovery, the tourist office offers a guided tour "by night" in season.

The Arc de Triomphe from the Grand Hôtel du Midi

During your stay at the hotel, you only need to walk for about ten minutes to reach the monumental arch. On the way, stroll along the shops of the rue de la Loge and the rue Foch and let yourself be tempted by a coffee on the terrace... To get there by tram, take line 5 and get off at the Peyrou stop.

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